Help the royal couple prepare for their big day

Royal Wedding: William & Kate – the game?

Desperate to be a part of the royal wedding? Of course you are. And thanks to, you can be.

The casual game developer has released Royal Wedding: William & Kate as a browser-based game that you can find here

So what genre is it? Perhaps you’re thinking first-person adventure, RPG, or even turn-based strategy, but no. This is a hidden object game, complete with jaw-dropping illustration of the bride and groom-to-be. 

The goal is to ensure the wedding goes according to plan by helping Kate and William and the venues get ready. There are four short but sweet levels. First you must help Wills tidy his bedroom at Buckingham Palace. Then Kate Middleton – or wait, is it Catherine these days? – needs to do the same over at her place. Then it’s over to Westminster Abbey for a clear-up there. After the ceremony, the garden has to be put in order before the big party. 

In each level the ‘tidying’ involves clicking on items from a list before the timer runs out – however, if the timer is simply too much pressure, you can play the same game in ‘free play’ mode without it. If you want to increase your score you can collect yet more items from each scenario for a bonus. Happy days.

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