'School boy error'

MoD document ‘black out’ blunder reveals nuclear secrets

The Ministry of Defence made an astonishing error which led to the inadvertent publishing online of a nuclear safety report for Britain’s fleet of nuclear submarines.

The orignal document had been requested under the freedom of information act by anti-nuclear campaigners and was ultimately published the Parliament web site according to a Daily Star report. In an MoD security review, key sections of the document were to be blacked out.

In a blunder of such magnitude its difficult to fathom, the technique used to black out the text was to change the document background colour to black rendering the text invisible. Until, that is, one simply highlights the text at which point it becomes visible again.

In what is likely to win a slow-clap from Britain’s cross-Atlantic allies, the document also reportedly discussed US measures in dealing with nuclear emergencies on-board nuclear powered vessels.

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