Nokia's departure 'creating opportunities'

LG to step into Nokia’s MeeGo OS shoes?

Rival smartphone makers are looking to step into Nokia’s shoes following the firm’s departure from the MeeGo operating system according to a Reuters report.

A member of the MeeGo ‘steering group’ told a developer conference on Friday that Nokia adopting Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system left "opportunities for others to come in" and that "discussions are taking place" with interested manufacturers.

Hallo said that Korean electronics giant LG had joined the group with a view to developing a smartphone version of MeeGo, joining Chinese handset manufacturer ZTE.

However the Reuters report quoted an LG spokesman saying the firm had "no definition plans to mass produce devices with MeeGo other than car infotainment systems."

Following the Nokia defection, Intel said it was "disappointed" but the firm was "not blinking on MeeGo," maintaining that the operating system was more than just a smartphone OS and that it had "momentum."

Just not a very fast one presumably.

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