Looking for 'UK's best internet projects'

Nominet puts call out 2011 Internet Awards

UK non profit internet registrar Nominet is seeking the UK’s best Internet projects for 2011 Internet Awards.

Nominet is "looking for companies and individuals from all over the UK who are doing amazing things with the Internet" and said that the awards are designed to recognise people or organisations that are making a "real difference" to society through the web.

Entries close in two weeks time, Thursday 28th April, with submissions to be reviewed by an independent panel of judges. The award categories this year are:

  • Building a networked nation
  • Making the Internet safer
  • Opening the world of knowledge
  • Empowering young people and citizen
  • Nurturing powerful local partnerships

For more information on each category and how to apply, please visit the Nominet Internet Awards.

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