Have your say: Is net ruining lives?

Vanessa Hudgens hates the internet – do you?

This week Sucker Punch and High School Musical actress Vanessa Hudgens made the headlines by lashing out at the internet.

She told People magazine: “I know what the worst invention ever is. The internet. I think it’s ruining everyone, and it just makes everybody way too accessible. It just takes away the glamour and mystery from our business."

While we’re not too sure what Hudgens means by ‘ruining everyone’, it’s possible that she’s referring to the naked pictures of herself that have been leaked three separate times over the last four years – most recently last month, as she complained about in the LA Times recently.

We suspect the person who uploaded the photographs may be more culpable than the internet itself, however.

Do you think the rapid rise of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook has made people too accessible? Is it their own fault for going online in the first place?

Or perhaps you’re more concerned that the technology industry is losing its mystique in the face of so much freely available information?

Have your say in our comments section below. 

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