'Mango' will let developers multitask, no really

Microsoft reveals next version of Windows Phone 7

Microsoft provided a detailed look at the next version of Windows Phone 7 update called ‘Mango’ at the firm’s MIX11 conference.

At the developer event in Las Vegas, the software giant talked up new features such as multitasking being available to third party developers, currently missing from the Windows Phone 7 operating system.

Other features previously locked down will be available to developers on the new smartphone OS including access to contacts, GPS, camera data and so on. The firm also said that improvements in Mango meant that mobile apps would use up to 30 per cent less phone memory than the current version.

Direct low level internet access will also enable communications applications for chat and instant messenger clients, something rival smartphone OSes take for granted with a plethora of third party communication tools.

Skype and Spotify are two examples of popular applications which Microsoft said would now be coming to the platform thanks to the improvements in Mango.

Mango will also include an updated web browser, something Microsoft describes as a full version of Internet Explorer 9. The firm showed off hardware acceleration which enabled HTML5 web demos to run considerably faster than iOS and Android rivals.

The company is also hoping to entice more developers to the platform with the news that Windows Phone 7 ‘Mango’ apps can be sold in 35 countries worldwide, over double the previous roll out of 16.

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