New hybrid computer from Orange points to technology shift

Are the PC and music recording industries converging?

Convergence between the PC and mobile sectors is old news, but now it appears that specialist music equipment is coming to a computer near you too.

Amp manufacturer Orange is stepping into the PC market with a machine specifically targeted at those keen to get into music recording – just as Alienware make computers for gamers, for example.

Charlie Cooper, head of OCP development at Orange, spoke to PCR about the machine, commenting: “A lot of people are getting into music recording at home because computers are getting faster. But you need to know what you’re doing; you need to get the right speakers, the right audio to analogue digital converter, one that works well and one that’s got a low latency. On top of that you need to get the right software too.

“It makes sense to have a machine that’s more relevant to what musicians do.“

For the full interview with Charlie Cooper at Orange, head over here

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