Gadget Show Live 2011: Manufacturer launches eTouch range

Elonex criticises tablet pricing

With the launch of a new affordable tablet range, manufacturer Elonex has stated loud and clear that it thinks the industry charges too much for the handheld devices.

At the Gadget Show Live 2011, the firm has unveiled its new family of eTouch tablets. Its Android tablets start at £119 with the seven-inch eTouch 702ET (pictured) and include ten-inch tablets such as the eTouch Blade 1040ET, priced at £229.

Elonex says there is no need for the industry to charge what it believes are ‘inflated’ prices and aims to get tablets into homes at a rate of one per family member, rather than one per household.

Nick Smith, Elonex CEO, talked about how the company reached its retail price: “We’re proud of Elonex’s heritage as a pioneer of technology, with our developments being utilised by our competitors through our patent licensing programme. This helps future development of ground breaking products and it’s our belief the industry should share these costs through patent recognition rather than passing the cost onto the customer.”

Merchandising and marketing manager Sam Goult commented: “Elonex is proud to be a British company competing in a field of international heavyweights, and is committed to continue to bring the most up to date technology to the gadget hungry British public.

“Elonex’s position in the top three tablet manufacturers demonstrates that we have found the perfect balance of high quality products and realistic pricing.”

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