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Windows 7 overtakes XP at last

Windows 7 market share has overtaken the aging Windows XP operating system in the United States according to StatCounter data.

As of April Windows 7 had 31.71 per cent of the desktop operating system market compared to 31.56 for Windows XP, according to an analysis of the StatCounter data by pingdom.com.

To be fair, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems combined have accounted for a greater number of systems than Windows XP systems since around the middle of last year.

The data is taken from the web browsing statistics of around three million web sites, or as pingdom.com puts it: "the market share distribution of computers used to access the Web".

Among more specialised PC owners, the figures are quite different. Valve’s last Steam hardware survey put Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit versions at around 50 per cent of Steam user PCs while combined XP installs account for just 25 per cent.

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