Milton Keynes speed less than half the UK average

UK 3G slow poke cities named and shamed

A survey of UK 3G mobile broadband performance has named Peterborough as the fastest 3G city and Milton Keynes as the slowest. crowd sourced 3G network performance taken from thousands of users around the country over the past three months using a free iPhone application.

Milton Keynes was said to be the slowest with an average speed of just 1.73Mbps, less than half the national average.

"There’s clearly quite a disparity when it comes to 3G connectivity across the UK. Despite the Government and mobile operators tirelessly working to increase the coverage and speed of the 3G service, there is evidently still a long way to go," said boss Alex Buttle.

Leicester, Huddersfield, Cardiff and Liverpool also faired poorly and featured in the top five ‘slow spots’.

"Across large swathes of the UK, and worryingly in some of the country’s largest towns and cities, such as Birmingham and Liverpool, 3G broadband speeds are simply not up to scratch"’s slowest 3G mobile broadband cities:

1. Milton Keynes

2. Leicester

3. Huddersfield

4. Cardiff

5. Liverpool

6. Blackburn

7. Stevenage

8. Hull

9. Stafford

10. Birmingham

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