Newspaper accuses search giant of trying to ?plunder intellectual property?

The Daily Mail slams Google

The Daily Mail has launched a startling attack on Google, accusing the company of trying to steal from pop singer Adele and of riding roughshod over copyright law.

In an article entitled “Google threatens to destroy not only pop sensation Adele, but Britain’s film and music industries. So why is No.10 in thrall to this parasitic monster?”, DM columnist Alex Brummer accuses the Government of colluding with the digital industries to destroy British copyright law and claims that the nation’s true interests lie with the music industry.

“The fact is that Google was urging Britain to throw away decades if not centuries of intellectual copyright while at the same time lobbying governments all over the world in a bid to drive a coach and horses through the laws,” writes Brummer.

“The reason is very simple. The company wants to plunder intellectual property – songs by Adele and other British singers – so that it can disseminate it free to anyone who logs on to Google anywhere in the world.”

The paper states that the reason for the Government’s interest in the digital industries is not because of its growth potential or because of the UK’s strong performance despite a lack of Government support, but because the Prime Ministers media and strategy adviser, Steve Hilton, is married to Google’s head of communications, Rachel Whetstone. The mind boggles.

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