DOJ is quite clear Google doesn't have FISMA cert

Microsoft accuses Google of lying about US gov certification

Microsoft accused Google of misleading the the US government over a certification Google claims to have relating to the US Federal Information Security Management Act.

"A batch of court documents had been unsealed and had revealed one particularly striking development: the United States Department of Justice had rejected Google’s claim that Google Apps for Government … has been certified under the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)" said Microsoft deputy legal boss David Howard on a Technet blog post.

"Given the number of times that Google has touted this claim, this was no small development," he added.

Google Apps Premier had been cleared for FISMA certification but Google’s US government targetted cloud offering Google Apps for Government does not, with the government version in the final stages of an application for certification under the act.

"This revelation was apparently as striking to the lawyers at the Department of Justice as it was to me," Howard gloated gleefully.

Google is in the process of suing the US government over a procurement decision by the Department of the Interior for issuing a request for quotation which stated that the solution had to utilise Microsoft services which Google said was "unduly restrictive of competition."

"So why did Google tell governments and the public that Google Apps for Government was FISMA certified even before it had applied for that certification? We’ll have to wait for Google to tell us what they were thinking," crowed Howard.

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