Billmonitor report points to poorly chosen tariffs

Brits overpay ?200 a year on mobile phone bills

Over three quarters of British mobile phone users are paying too much for their mobile phone contract based on their usage, according to a new Billmonitor report.

The bill analysis outfit said that on average UK post-pay customers waste nearly £200 per year by incorrectly estimating their mobile phone use and using an appropriate tariff with the lion’s share of 52 per cent on tariffs that were too ‘large’.

29 per cent were on tariffs too small which resulted in wasted money on "out of allowance calls, texts and data usage" while 19 per cent were found to be on the right tariff but were wasting money by not using free benefits.

"Customers shouldn’t just decide their tariff level on their minutes usage. Exceeding data or text
allowances or even making international or roaming calls, can all be good reasons to move up," Bill monitor said in the report.

"Choosing a 24 month contract is an important factor to make tariff level increase affordable," they added/

Billmonitor estimated the excess charges amounted to £4.9 billion in total.

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