Remake of 8-bit legend greeted with derision

“You can keep your fake C64”

Commodore USA has unveiled a relaunched Commodore C64 based on a Windows PC rather than the 80s era 8-bit hardware but not everyone is impressed.

Since the company has obtained the rights to the venerable Commodore name it has posted details of numerous Commodore-branded remake computers on a decidedly amateur-looking web site.

However the announcement of the C64x remake appears to have made it to a product the company is offering for sale. The C64x is offered on the web site at prices between $250 and $895 depending on specification.

The Standard specification is an Intel 1.8GHz dual-core Atom D525 PC with Nvidia Ion2 graphics, 2GB of memory, Wi-Fi, DVD and a 250GB hard drive for $695.

PC Magazine editor Lance Ulanoff fondly recalls using the C64 as a college freshman but ultimately remained unconvinced about Windows-powered remake: "You can keep your fake Commodore C64," he said. 

"Forgive me if I don’t get excited about the new, fake Commodore 64. I knew the real Commodore 64. I considered it a friend of mine and this, my friends, is no Commodore 64."

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