Research finds F-commerce much less effective than alternatives

Facebook is ‘non starter’ for retailers

A new Forrester Research report has said that marketing efforts on Facebook will not generate ‘near-term’ online sales.

In a report entitled "Will Facebook Ever Drive eCommerce?", the research outfit published the results of a survey of scores of retailers, marketers and manufacturers.

The report’s conclusion was that social networking was found to be less effective than traditional email and paid search campaigns.

Mulpuru said Facebook Credits was a "non-starter" for retailers, adding that the social networking giant has "little to no credibility with respect to financial services among consumers."

Report author Sucharita Mulpuru freely admitted to previous "bearishness on F-commerce", referring to Facebook derived commerce, saying in October last year: "No one is shopping on Facebook. People use Facebook to connect with other friends, not to be shilled to."

The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook advertising click-through rate was just 1 per cent with a 2 per cent conversion, compared with 11 per cent click-through of email marketing with 4 per cent conversion rate. 

"Facebook is like a cocktail party where brands want to make it a Tupperware event," Mulpuru blogged in October.

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