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Suggests common app format for phones, tablets, PCs

Windows 8 PDF reader and new application format

Windows 8 will include an integrated PDF reader and will be using a new application executable type called AppX.

A Windows 8 PDF viewer application called Modern Reader was revealed by Windows pundits Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrott on winsupersite.com, along with a selection of screenshots.

The application format AppX is reportedly a new form of packaged application model to appear in the upcoming Windows 8 which, Rivera and Thurrott said, closely resembles the package format of Windows Phone 7 applications.

"For this reason, we surmise that the AppX application type could be common to both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8," said Rivera and Thurrott.

They also speculated that such a move meant that developers could write applications which could target a variety of Microsoft operating systems on different devices such as PCs, tablets and phones, 

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