Surprising findings in smartphone ownership survey

iPhone owners more likely to be skint

An online study by YouGov has found that the British adult’s smartphone can provide some surprising clues as to their income.

Chief among the findings is that iPhone users top the list of those who have a frequently overdrawn bank account with 18 per cent of iPhone users saying they were hard up versus 14 per cent of Android smartphone owners and 13 per cent of BlackBerry owners. 

The comparison against the national average of 12 per cent appears to suggest that owners of high end smartphones tend to be less well off than you’d otherwise expect, with iPhone owners in particular more likely to experience shaky finances.

Perhaps less surprisingly, BlackBerry users topped out the earnings stakes with one in ten earning over £50,000, doubtless assisted by the corporate practice of furnishing management with the keyboard-equipped RIM smartphone.

The press has recently been quick to seize on Android ownership outpacing the iPhone with 28 per cent of smartphone users using phones based on Google’s OS versus 26 per cent for Android. 

However in London, the YouGov poll found that the iPhone reigns supreme with an astonishing 42 per cent of smartphone owners in the capital, compared to a paltry 15 per cent for Android and a particularly surprising 11 per cent for the BlackBerry.

The full findings of the survey can be seen here (pdf).

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