Ed Vaizey in discussions with ISPs to implement ?self-regulatory measures?

MPs look to block websites

MPs have been in negotiations with Internet Service Providers and intellectual rights holders to create a system that would allow access to be blocked to certain websites.

According to the Open Rights Group, a letter from Mr. Vaizey confirmed that he’d been in discussions with stakeholders to create a “working group to be formed to look at industry self-regulatory measures to tackle online copyright infringement through site-blocking.”

The move comes as part of the Digital Economy Act – rushed through Parliament in the final days of the previous Government – which seeks to block access to those websites that are deemed to have been illegally distributing copyright material. Now that the act has been passed, all that remains is the actual task of implementing the proposed measures.

The Open Rights Group has consistently opposed the idea of blocking website access, and commented: “We believe website blocking is a bad idea, especially on a self-regulatory basis where vital judicial oversight is bypassed.”

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