Browser firm cracks down on add-on developers

Mozilla seeks faster Firefox start-up

Mozilla has revealed, over at the firm’s add-on blog, how it expects to improve start-up performance and what it’s demanding from add-on developers.

Browser performance affects consumers and businesses alike, and add-on product manager Justin Scott said that for each add-on installed, users can expect to see Firefox start-up slowed by roughly ten per cent.

The firm monitors add-on performance already and is to begin adding warnings to the pages of the worst offenders, which can slow start-up by up to 25 per cent.

It has also updated its best practices and will reach out to specific slow performers and ask them to improve.

In good news for end-users, Mozilla also revealed that in a future version of Firefox, it will be impossible for third-party add-ons (which can cause problems with toolbars and other bundled items) to be installed without explicit permission.

In the blog comments, commenter johnjbarton reveals that he has no intention of trying to improve start-up time for popular add-on Firebug, claiming he has received no complaints, and suggests that Mozilla focuses on improving memory footprint first.

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