VIDEO: Surreal film advocates 'safe place for memories'

Intel movie promotes solid state drives

Intel has unveiled a surreal short film designed to highlight the reliability advantages of solid state hard drives.

The film called "When I was an Elephant" starts out with a man upgrading a computer with a hard drive but knocking a hard drive full of ‘memories’ out of the hand of his friend.

That’s about the most straight forward part of the video, with the rest a strange collage of family memory videos being increasingly corrupted in artistic ways.

"A solid place for your memories," the video concludes.

Comments on YouTube have, however, laid some reasonable criticism at the suggestion that SSDs make adequate safe storage. 

"Who uses SSD for storage, honestly?" asked one, while another pointed out that data recovery from SSDs is more problematic. "At least on drives with platters, there is a chance to recover something. An SSD going bad on you, no chance at all." they said.

To which Intel’s YouTube account replied "There are ways to recover data from SSDs that have gone bad, but the idea here is that? an SSD is a safe place to keep your memories. Hope you liked the video!"

At any rate it’s certainly more interesting that the usual marketing promos. You can see Intel’s "When I was an elephant" video below.

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