VIDEO: 6 minute introduction to the 7-inch pen tablet

HTC Flyer official video presentation

HTC have launched an official presentation and demo video for the firm’s upcoming HTC Flyer Android-powered 7-inch tablet.

Presentations on tablet PCs have tended to be stylish and light on detail but the surprisingly long six minute video is a revealing walk through the ‘speeds and feeds’ of the upcoming tablet.

The presentation takes aim at Apple’s iPad by claiming an "unbound" internet experience, highlighting Adobe Flash support which HTC said meant the Flyer will "never run into a ‘player not supported’ dead end."

The video sells up the hardware features of HTC’s new tablet including the 1.5GHz CPU and the HTC Scribe pen but also focuses on the software features such as the hand book notation and browser overlay drawing.

HTC also highlighted software capabilities such as HTC’s Android front-end Sense as well as the unified note taking system of keyboard, pen, images and sound recordings.

The focus on software features provides the clearest indication yet where the Taiwanese smartphone giant sees itself going as it further seeks to differentiate Android-based products with those from numerous rivals.

Mobile retailer Clove is taking pre-orders for the HTC Flyer priced at a hefty £599 with release expected in mid April.

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