Firm claims it is the victim of anti-competitive behaviour in the search market

Microsoft complains to EU over Google

Microsoft has gone to the EU to complain about what it considers to be unfair practices perpetrated by Google in the internet search space.

The crux of the Microsoft’s complaint appears to be that Google, as the market leader, is using its dominance to stifle competitor’s growth. It claims this is chiefly done through walling off access to information and sites on the web from other search engines –including its own Bing.

In a corporate blog post, senior vice president and general counsel Brad Smith said the firm is "concerned by a broadening pattern of conduct aimed at stopping anyone else from creating a competitive alternative."

As Google bought YouTube in 2006, Microsoft also claims it is not allowed to properly develop apps for the video sharing service for its Windows Phone operating system, and integration with Bing is also restricted.

There are also a number of other complaints regarding an alleged monopoly Google has over advertiser and book content information in Europe. 

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