New scheme focuses on common infrastructure and cost control

Government unveils streamlined IT plans

The Government has outlined its new ICT strategy, showing an emphasis on cost saving and efficiency.

The document identifies several areas where public sector IT strategy was seen as lacking. These include the prevalence of large, complex IT systems that lead to greater risk while limiting the range of suppliers that could be used to implement them, a lack of interoperability, and long, costly procurement timescales.

The strategy aims to address these issues through implementation of a range of measures, including the utilisation of open source software, streamlined procurement with an emphasis on end-targets rather than procedure, a project lifetime cost limit of £100 million, standardisation, and personal accountability for ministers.

“The Coalition Government is determined to do things better,” said the Minister for the Cabinet Office, Francis Maude MP.

“Government ICT is vital for the delivery of efficient, cost-effective public services which are responsive to the needs of citizens and businesses. We want government ICT to be open: open to the people and organisations that use our services; and open to any provider – regardless of size.”

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