"The sense of humour failure is extraordinary", they reply

RPS Crysis 2 spoof draws fire from PC gamers

British gaming site Rock, Paper Shotgun posted a satirical examination of the shortcomings of the recently released Crysis 2 on PC but some PC gamers considered the mock technical feature as mocking their concerns.

The feature called Crysis 2’s Shocking Tech Compromise: Proof is an amusing take on technology obsessed enthusiasts and PC gamer complaints of poor quality ports from console games.

"I have to express that I’m not only horrified, but also shocked, at the paucity of graphical accomplishments in what should have been a groundbreaking game," wrote RPS’ John Walker.

"It’s quite clear that massive compromises have been made in order to keep the console market happy, meaning the PC version of the game is crippled to the point where it’s literally impossible to look at without feeling physically sick."

The feature drew over 300 comments with some PC gamers opining that concerns about Crysis 2 are justified with several citing the fact that the firs Crysis shipped with a DX10-capable engine while the cross console-PC developed Crysis 2 shipped with a DX9 graphics engine. 

RPS commenter rivalin summarised a number of the concerns: "I don’t care about Crysis 2 looking slightly worse … what I do care about is that it runs worse on my computer than Crysis 1."

Rivalin took issue with Crytek having claiming that focus remained on the PC version while the sequel "received no more attention than any other very basic port."

"What I do care about is the requirement to manually edit your config file to give yourself a decent field of view, or fix mouse acceleration so that it’s possible to actually aim straight without a 2 second lag," he added.

"Should I applaud the paucity of ambition and mercenary attitudes that mean technological development has not simply halted, but moved backwards?"

"This article mocks a lot of people who have reasonable and valid concerns about the state in which the game was released," concluded Rivalin.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s Jim Rossignol shot back: "The sense of humour failure from people like you is extraordinary. If you can’t see how much RPS has done to fight the corner for the PC, then you’ve really not been paying attention."

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