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Enables large drives on 32-bit operating systems

Gigabyte releases 3TB unlock utility

Gigabyte announced the availability of a new software utility which the firm says is able to utilise large hard drives on 32-bit systems. 

Hard drive capacities above 2.2TB need a 64-bit operating system as well as other compatible sub systems such as a supporting LBA standard and BIOS firmware.

The Gigabyte utility allows users to create virtual drives which are limited to 2TB each and is compatible with motherboards based on recent chipsets such as Intel’s X58, P67 and H67 and AMD’s 800 series.

In order the use the utility a 3TB+ Unlock Preinstall driver needs to be installed first, followed by the 3TB+ unlock utility. 

Gigabyte provided a list of compatible Gigabyte motherboards. The company is working on adding support for older chipsets to the utility.

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