APUs make 'huge amount of sense sense' they say

AMD: Fusion can scale to next-gen game consoles

AMD said that that the firm’s Fusion APUs made "a huge amount of sense" for forming the basis of next generation game console hardware.

Speaking in a wide-ranging interview with tech site x-bit labs, AMD developer relations Neal Robison said that Fusion could provided a "great deal of horsepower" and that adoption of the firm’s combined CPU/GPU chips would provide performance "headroom" throughout the console’s lifecycle.

X-bit suggested that console hardware manufacturers had transitioned away from x86 towards ‘micro-architectures’ to which Robison pointed out that the original Microsoft Xbox was an x86 design and that there was "great performance to be had with the x86 architecture."

The interviewer also pressed AMD on the possibility of scaling up Fusion to handle high end games. The firm’s Fusion APUs are currently aimed at a mainstream market while video gaming consoles typically ship with cutting edge graphics performance.

"I see the Fusion architecture as capable of scaling both up and down … we think that our architecture is strong enough to be able to scale to many different usage scenarios," said Robison.

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