Has begun internal testing, claims report

Google Music service ‘nearly ready’

Google has begun internal testing of the internet giant’s upcoming music streaming service Google Music according to a CNET report.

Internal testing, or dog-fooding as it’s known, is typically a sign that a new product is not far from public launch. 

The Google Music streaming service has been the subject of much speculation including details emerging of reported delays as Google sought agreements with the world’s major record companies.

The Google service is said to provide a means to synchronise the users music into the cloud regardless of the way the obtained the music, thereby providing an online backup and the capability of streaming to mobile devices.

CNET described the music industry licensing for a cloud-based ‘digital locker’ as ‘largely uncharted territory’, adding complexity to the negotiations.

Speculation has mounted that Google Music may be unveiled at the firm’s I/O conference in May.

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