Tells Nvidia to "prove it, don't just say it"

AMD takes issue with Nvidia ‘world fastest’ claim

AMD took issue with arch-rival graphics card vendor Nvidia over the title of the "world’s fastest graphics card."

Both companies had laid claim to the the crown, first AMD with the firm’s ultra high-end Radeon HD 6990 and then Nvidia with their Nvidia GeForce GTX 590. However AMD PR man Dave Erskine took issue with Nvidia’s claim in a blog post.

"We combed through their announcement to understand how it was that such a claim could be made and why there was no substantiation based on industry-standard benchmarks," wrote Erskine.

AMD backs up the Radeon HD 6990 ‘world fastest’ claim with a 3DMark 11 score of x3303 and linked a number of hardware reviews from sites such as Hothardware, HardOCP and LegitReviews.

"So now I issue a challenge to our competitor: prove it, don’t just say it. Show us the substantiation. Because as it stands today … the AMD Radeon HD 6990 sits on top as the world’s fastest graphics card."

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