Scaremongering app vendor turns to jailbroken iPhones

Apple rejects iPhone radiation app

Steve Jobs apparently told an iPhone developer that the firm had "no interest" in mobile radiation app Tawkon, forcing the developer to turn to the jailbroken iPhone app store Cydia.

Tawkon founder Gil Friedland contacted Jobs personally following App Store rejection of the Tawkon app, only to receive a terse two word "No interest" reply which "closed the front door" to appearing on the iTunes App Store. 

The Tawkon plays off fears of microwave radiation from mobile devices with Friedland claiming "there is enough scientific findings to justify taking precautionary measures" in a blog post.

However the World Health Organisation states: "No recent national or international reviews have concluded that exposure to the RF fields from mobile phones or their base stations causes any adverse health consequence."

The US and European authorities do, however, set a precautionary limit on microwave exposure as specified by Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), limiting it to 1.6W/kg in the US and 2W/kg in Europe.

The Tawkon app can’t measure actual radiation output of a phone, so the app resorts to estimating the value despite cajoling Apple for API access, presumably to discover the state of the iPhone radio.

"If he [Steve Jobs] used tawkon he’d know that most of the time the iPhone doesn’t reach it’s maximum labeled SAR levels," complained Friedlander.

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