3.5 million downloads and counting

Mozilla releases Firefox 4

Non profit open source browser developer Mozilla has released Firefox 4 after a protracted series of public beta versions.

Mozilla said that "Firefox puts users in control of their Web experience, providing a streamlined user interface, fun new features, a boost in speed and support for modern Web technologies."

The foundation declared that Firefox 4 is the ‘fastest Firefox yet’ with dramatic speed increases including the thorny issue of startup time which came in for criticism with earlier versions of Firefox.

Following the industry trend to provide enhanced privacy modes, the new browser also offers a Do Not Track mode and Content Security Policy settings.

Like arch rival Chrome, the latest Firefox incorporates cloud storage functionality which makes bookmarks, open tabs and even passwords shared across computers using the same account.

Mozilla also created a real-time download statistics map of the world showing geographic locations of the most downloads of new browser. At time of writing showed just under 3.5 million downloads. 

Firefox 4 is available for download for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Unlike Microsoft’s recently released IE9, Firefox 4 also works on Windows XP.

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