Web-based OS reportedly in the works

Motorola looks beyond Android

American mobile phone giant Motorola is reportedly working on a ‘web based’ mobile operating system as a potential replacement for Google’s Android.

Information Week reported that Motorola Mobility had hired a number of experienced developers from companies such as Apple and Adobe. Motorola refused to deny the existance of the project but said it remained "committed" to Android.

Android presently plays a central role in Motorola’s smartphones and tablets such as the recently released Motorola Xoom based on the new Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system.

Development of their own operating system would be a return to Motorola’s software strategy in the past, a strategy that famously failed to deliver usability in line with market leader Nokia resulting in the collapse of Motorola’s European market share.

However Information Week speculates that Motorola may be "hedging bets" against uncertainty regarding Android on the back of Oracle’s patent claims against Android and that the firm may desire "more control over its destiny."

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