Three times the downloads in the first 24 hours

Firefox 4 blasts past IE9

Mozilla’s newly released Firefox 4 browser has blasted past rival browser IE9 with 7.1 million copies downloaded in the first 24 hours compared to IE9’s 2.4 million.

"Firefox 4 has really hit the ground running and has eclipsed the launch of IE 9," said boss of web analytics firm StatCounter Aodhan Cullen, revealing that Firefox 4 had already attained 1.95 per cent of worldwide browser market compared to IE9’s 0.87 per cent.

IE9 has so far failed to even surpass the browser market share of the most recent Opera 11 browser on 1.52 per cent although it would seem likely to overtake it at some point.

At time of writing, Firefox 4 had been downloaded 10.7 million times according to Mozilla’s real-time world statistics with demand particularly strong in Europe with 4.8 million downloads versus 3 million from the US.

Within Europe Firefox loving Germany leads with 910,000 downloads, over double that of next most popular France and three times that of the UK.

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