Offers new modes and instant defrag features

Diskeeper 2011 released

Diskeeper Corporation announced the release of Diskeeper 2011 offering new "efficient mode" and "instant defrag" features.

The software claims to prevent up to 85 per cent of hard drive fragmentation and the new "efficient mode" is said to minimise the time and resources used by the application to restore and maintain peak performance and reliability.

Diskeeper 2011 also offers a new performance report which provides users with an instant view of gains provided including improvements in read and write access times and how much fragmentation was prevented and eliminated.

The company offers a bewildering array of versions of Diskeeper 2011, seven versions in all ranging in price between £27.95 and £41.95.

The firm’s controversial solid state drive defragmentation feature HyperFast is available on a number of versions as well as an add on to existing licenses. All are available from the Diskeeper web site direct.

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