Veteran off pursue science, not products

Apple Mac OS X architect Serlet departs company

Apple software engineering boss Bertrant Serlet is to leave the company after 14 years of service, saying that he wanted to "focus less on products and more on science."

Serlet worked with Apple boss Steve Jobs since as long ago as 1989 at Job’s NeXT company, later joining Apple in 1997 when the firm acquired NeXT.

Serlet spearheaded the development of Mac OS X and some analysts have sought to connect Serlet’s departure with the diminished stature of the desktop operating system environment in favor of the super successful mobile iOS.

However All Things Digital’s John Paczkowski said that the move was "more of a planned transition," citing Serlet successor Craig Federighi presenting OSX Lion last year as well as Serlet selling off Apple shares.

Paczkowski cites a source in Apple saying "There’s no acrimony there, Bertrand’s just decided it’s his time to move on."

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