Calls on music industry and artists to 'innovate'

LSE report slams Digital Economy Act

Just days before a Judicial Review on the British Digital Economy Act (DEA), the London School of Economics published a highly critical report which casts down on the effectiveness of copy protection mechanisms.

The report called ‘Creative Destruction and Copyright Protection’ was commissioned by the LSE Media Policy Project slammed the DEA, saying te act "gets the balance between copyright enforcement and innovation wrong."

"The music industry and artists should innovate and actively reconnect with their sharing fans rather than treat them as criminals," said report author Bart Cammaerts.

The report put forward suggestions such as "Providing user-friendly, hassle-free solutions to enable users to download music legally at a reasonable price," saying that this would be a more effective strategy to combat piracy than a "heavy-handed legislative and regulatory regime".

Cammaerts said that the industry should recognise that there were further reasons for the decline of the music industry including balooning prices for live performances. The authors said the industry should look to alternative sources of income. 

"The DEA has given too much consideration to the interests of copyright holders, while ignoring other stakeholders such as users, ISPs, and new players in the creative industry," said co-author Bingchun Meng.

"I hope the Judicial Review will make the government reconsider its approach toward file-sharing."

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