Latest device will arrive on March 25th ? but not till 5pm

UK iPad 2 launch delayed

The UK launch of Apple’s iPad 2 will be delayed on Friday due to an error in shipping the device to its UK stores.

Although Apple has denied rumours of a delay, insisting that “the website says 25 March and that’s when it’ll be”, it would seem that any Apple fans who queue up on Friday morning might be disappointed.

According to Robert Peckham, former executive director of the Mac Technology Association reseller group, a mistake in shipments means that UK Apple Stores will not receive stock in time for the anticipated launch time on Friday morning.

As a result, the US vendor has ordered its UK resellers – including PC World – to delay selling the devices until 5pm on Friday evening, forcing them to make a number of last minute changes to their preparations for the launch and in spite of the fact that many of them have already received their allocated shipments.

“It’s upset quite a few people,” Peckham told PCR. “They’ve now got to squeeze an entire day of sales in to one or two hours on a Friday evening.”

Update: Apple has now confirmed that in-store sales will commence at 5pm.

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