2012 version to offer Nokia-exclusive features claims report

‘Super Nokia version’ of Windows Phone?

Upcoming Nokia smartphones based on Windows Phone 7 will offer exclusive Nokia features not available in Windows Phone devices from other manufacturers according to a report.

Quoting unnamed ‘European Nokia sources’, SmartHouse claimed that it was Microsoft working on the Nokia-exclusive features to appear in an "expanded version" of Windows Phone 7, said to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in 2012.

A Nokia Windows Phone is due to to arrive by the end of the year but this will not be the new version of Windows Phone with "several new software upgrades, exclusive functions for Nokia phones and software that will not be available for other manufacturers who licence the OS," they said.

Microsoft will be unlikely to want to anger other licensees of Windows Phone by giving Nokia access to a current generation Windows Phone OS with additional features. 

However if the claims are true then Microsoft apparently looks set to fork a ‘super Nokia version’ of the next Windows Phone from stock version available for license to other smartphone manufacturers.

Could it be the first indication Microsoft thinks a Nokia-backed platform is more valuable than an ecosystem of Windows Phone 7 smartphone makers?

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