Tech Radar group test win for Sandy Bridge processor

Intel Core i5 2500K ‘best CPU of 2011’

Tech Radar has published a processing buying guide called Best CPU 2011 in which the tech site evaluated a range of processors at different price segments.

Aiming to provide a guide to "which processors offer the best value for money in an even more confusing world of chipsets and sockets", Tech Radar looked at the latest offerings from Intel and AMD.

"Predictably enough the winner is Intel’s second generation Core processors, those Sandy Bridge chips," Jeremy Laird.

"Not only do they blow everything vaguely close to them out of the water performance-wise, but they also represent the future of processor design."

Tech Radar nominated the mid-range Core i5 2500K processor but warned that an upgrade to the new Sandy Bridge processor would requite a "total rig upgrade".

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