Ars Technica review calls browser a 'triumph'

IE9 ‘most modern browser’

A review by influential tech website Ars Technica has called Microsoft’s new IE9 browser ‘the most modern browser there is.’

In the face of tough competition from the likes of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera, the task before Microsoft in producing a next-generation browser was not a small one. However Ars Technica writer Peter Bright was firmly of a view that the company had succeeded.

Citing a raft of new features such as the pinned sites feature which allows attaching commonly used sites to the task bar of Windows and Facebook’s pinned site support provides access to news, messages and events right from a ‘jump list’.

"Together, these make using Facebook more streamlined, and make it feel much more like a real application," said Bright.

Other additions such as the download manager have been a long time coming with rival browser offering the feature for years. However it was the performance of IE9 that came in for the highest praise, largely due to the GPU hardware acceleration and the Chakra multithreaded JavaScript engine.

Bright called IE9 a ‘triumph’ but said that the browser wasn’t perfect. As with other IE9 reviews, the limited compatibility of only running on Vista and Windows 7 was cited as a major barrier to adoption but Bright supported the move in order to make gains from the support of features in Vista and Windows 7.

While convinced of IE9’s prowess, Bright admitted IE9 would be unlikely to win offer fans from Ars Technica’s own ‘geek’ readership.

"It’s a very solid, effective browser, but the lack of "power" features (such as the richer tab handling, automatic session restoration, and extensive extension support) means that this community will likely be better-served by something like Firefox."

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