Retailer apologises for overzealous store staff

Best Buy tells US celeb she can’t buy iPods for charity

The Consumerist reported that Best Buy refused to sell American Idol celebrity Kelly Clarkson a number of iPod shuffles for her charity. 

Posting on her Facebook page, Clarkson said: "So I’m in Best Buy… literally trying to buy iPod shuffles for orphans and they won’t sell them to me because they’re saving them for other customers."

"Thank you Best Buy for all of your help. They wouldn’t let my friend buy the rest either haha! What the hell is wrong with y’all?!" she continued.

Apparently the US star was able to buy the remaining iPod Shuffles at a different Best Buy store. The Consumerist pointed out that Best Buy has no policy on the number of devices a customer can buy.

Best Buy later apologised for the mix up and donated a number of devices to Clarkson’s charity.

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