ICO issues guidance on securing wireless

40 per cent of Brits don’t know how to change Wi-Fi settings

The British Information Commissioner’s Office said that 40 per cent of people with Wi-Fi don’t know how to change basic security settings.

The ICO published guidance regarding Wi-Fi security, helpfully suggesting that users perform such actions as changing the default network name and enabling W-Fi encryption.

"People wouldn’t go out and leave their front door unlocked, but many are still surfing the internet without adequate protection for their personal information," said ICO policy head Steve Wood.

"Today’s new guidance aims to get people thinking about whether they are doing enough to ensure their wireless networks are secure."

That said, the ‘guidance’ amounts to a single page statement of the largely obvious without any attempt at tackling the issues most likely to affect novice users such as where the settings are actually located. 

Still, they mean well.

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