Poor Wi-Fi reception blamed

Wi-Fi slows average broadband by 30 per cent

Wi-Fi slows the average broadband connection by 30 per cent according to a report by broadband performance analyst firm .

The use of Wi-Fi to forge the final link between the home broadband connection and client PCs and mobile devices also increased latency by 10 to 20 per cent which has implications for online games, voice over IP and video streaming performance the company said.

"Our data shows that connectivity over Wi-Fi degrades broadband performance considerably in typical circumstances," said Epitiro CTO JP Curley.

"Consumers who are experiencing performance issues with Wi-Fi should take steps to improve their home environment or connect directly via wired Ethernet."

While the news that Wi-Fi is slower than Ethernet is hardly a revelation, the survey pointed to substantial reduction in broadband performance for the average home Wi-Fi set up. 

Epitiro urged users to consider changing the default Wi-Fi channel, a setting which is often the same on all routers which frequently leads to unnecessary network congestion as Wi-Fi routers in adjacent properties fight each other on the same set of frequencies. 

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