Pistols at dawn in integrated graphics comparison

AMD Fusion vs Intel Atom head to head

InsideHW pitched AMD’s Fusion APU against Intel’s Atom in a review examining two integrated CPU motherboards based on the rival chips.

The Asus E35 M1-M Pro based on the highest performance AMD "Zacate" APU and Gigabyte GA-D525TUD based on the Intel Atom D525 dual-core CPU were both put through their paces in the detailed four page InsideHW feature

One of the critical differences between the systems is that the new AMD APU incorporates Radeon 6250 graphics which AMD describes as ‘discreet class’, setting it apart from integrated offerings such as the Intel GMA 3150 featuring in the Gigabyte Intel Atom motherboard.

"If you take a look at the charts, you’ll notice that AMD is far better in all tests that have anything to do with the graphics department," said InsideHW’s Marko Nesovic.

"The dual-core Atom handles the situation pretty well in all CPU-heavy tests," admits Nesovic but also said that the Atom + Intel HD platform "still can’t prevail in direct melee with full HD video."

Saying the AMD platform made "full HD video playback seem like a breeze," the same content played on the Intel platform would result in a heavy 95-100% CPU utilisation "lock-down", he said.

Concluding by saying the Asus E35 M1-M PRO "significantly more for the same amount of money," as the Intel-based Gigabyte, InsideHW awarded the Asus board an editor’s choice award.

"AMD has truly excelled at this particular task."

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