Report claims next-gen CPUs to ship in June/July

AMD Bulldozer and Llano to launch at E3?

Chipmaker AMD has reportedly confirmed shipment time frames of the firm’s next generation microprocessors code-named Bulldozer and Llano.

Xbitlabs cited ‘industrial sources’ pointing towards delivery of the FX-series Bulldozer processors in the "second half of June" while the A-series of Llano-powered integrated APUs will ship in early July, the report claimed.

Xbit went on to suggest that the early arrival of the high-performance Bulldozer CPU would create a "halo effect" for the subsequent launch of the Llano APU. The Bulldozer CPU is expected to outperform the firm’s high end Phenom II chips by 50 per cent.

Xbitlabs also said that the site had seen documents which reveal model-specific information including plans to release four new eight-core AMD FX8000-series processors, two new six-core AMD FX6000-series processors and two additional quad-core AMD FX4000 units.

The new chips will reportedly arrive this year with four to arrive in the second quarter and the rest in the final quarter of 2011.

Xbit speculated when AMD might formally unveil the new chips, suggesting the games show E3 may serve as a timely launch pad.

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