Experimental Wallaby application released

Adobe takes aim at iOS with Flash to HTML5 converter

Flash-maker Adobe has released a new experimental tool called Wallaby which aims to convert converting Flash files into HTML5, potentially allowing them to run on Apple iOS devices.

The Adobe Labs application is not a full converter, as such, but rather aims to the artwork and animation files within Adobe Flash Professional files (FLA) into the embryonic HTML5 standard.

Apparently referencing the Apple iOS platform, Adobe said the tool allowed developers to "reuse and extend the reach of your content to devices tht do not support the Flash runtimes."

The application has specifically been designed to target the features supported in Webkit-based browsers which includes Chrome and Safari. Animations wont work correctly on other browsers due to the use of Webkit specific animation primitives, Adobe said.

Wallaby is a 32-bit application for Windows and Macintosh desktops, the company also provided a table of supported, unsupported and partial features in the release notes for the tool.

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