Cost reducing redesigns delay tablet launches

iPad 2 forces tablet makers back to the drawing board

Major notebook manufacturers may delay the launch of tablet devices based on the competetive $499 price of the Apple iPad 2, claims a report.

Apple’s aggressive pricing has apparently left PC notebook vendors with "no room for survival" faced with the prospect of launching higher priced devices, according to a DigiTimes report.

Citing sources within the "notebook players", the DigiTimes said that expected "tablet PC war" due in April may result in the faster, thinner and lighter iPad 2 having the market to itself.

Apple’s move to discount the first generation iPad to $399 has proved to be particularly problematic with the notebook manufacturers not yet having a product on the drawing board tht can meet the specifications at the same price.

Manufacturers headed back to the drawing board to redesign products, alter specifications and reduce manufacturing costs would result in a delay of up to two months before tablet PCs arrive.

Previously announced models may fail to arrive at all and the delays may mean that the entire non-Apple market struggles to reach 20 per cent market share, according to the report.

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