X58A-OC bristles with features for hardware hackers

Gigabyte unveils the king of overclocking motherboards

Motherboard specialist Gigabyte announced the X58A-OC which it claims is the world’s first motherboard designed specifically for overclocking.

While that may be a bold subjective claim, given the number of overclocking features that have featured on boards from rivals such as Asus, Abit and MSI, the X58-OC has introduced a number of unique features including a PWM frequency switcher and hardware overclocking buttons.

The X58A-OC even has SATA power connectors on the board in order to provide more stable PCIe power as well as previous enthusiasts favorites such as the DualBIOS switcher and high quality capacitors and chokes in the power circuitry.

Astonishingly the X58A-OC is capable of supplying up to 1200W of power to the CPU. That should be plenty enough for some serious overclocking. The hardware buttons allow adjusting the CPU ratio, BCLK steppings and there’s a debugging digit display. 

Further information is available on a dedicated X58A-OC website. Gigabyte hasn’t yet announced pricing and availability but one thing seems certain, it’s not going to be cheap. 

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