Genius box doubles as a Mini ATX PC case

Asus to intro motherboard with cardboard case

Taiwanese computer giant Asus has unveiled introduced the novel idea of a motherboard box that doubles as a temporary PC case. 

Unveiled at Cebit tradeshow in Hanover, Asus told IDG News that the company will be using the packaging for one model of the firm’s Mini ATX motherboards. The cardboard box not only holds the motherboard secure for shipping purposes as you expect but can even house the motherboard in a working configuration.

Holes have been made in the cardboard for the rear connector panel and air circulation. The company reportedly told Asus that the box was meant to allow PC enthusiasts to get the motherboard up and running until they find a more permanent solution.

That said, there has to be at least some market for such a cardboard case providing a permanent and green solution for a cheap PC where looks aren’t important, like a tucked away media server. 

Asus reportedly reckoned that it’s good for a year. IDG posted a short video on YouTube.

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