Prototype device is a whole computer in one cubic mm

World’s smaller computer heralds age of ‘millimetre-scale computing’

Researchers at the University of Michigan have unveiled a tiny prototype computer which they say heralds a new era of ‘millimetre-scale’ computing.

The tiny device, believed to be the first completely ‘millimetre-scale computer’ was designed to implant in order to monitor eye pressure for glaucoma sufferers. The tiny device measures just one cubic millimetre yet packs in a microprocessor, pressure sensor, memory, battery, solar sell and wireless radio. 

"Our work is unique in the sense that we’re thinking about complete systems in which all the components are low-power and fit on the chip. We can collect data, store it and transmit it. The applications for systems of this size are endless." said UMich Professor David Blaauw.

The researchers pointed towards improvements in the radio capability which would provide the ability of a network of millimetre-scale computers to communicate with each other in wireless sensor networks.

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