Regulators slam 'substantial gap between advertised speeds and the actual speeds'

Ofcom: Ban misleading broadband speed ads

Ofcom is seeking ways to stop internt service providers creating ads that feature misleading ‘up to’ broadband speeds.

According to the BBC, the regulator found that very few customers were able to actually get these speeds, with just 14 per cent of customers on an ‘up to 20Mbps’ service getting speeds of more than 12Mbps, while 58 per cent averaged speeds of 6Mbps or less.

“There is a substantial gap between advertised speeds and the actual speeds people get in their homes,” said Ofcom’s chief executive Ed Richards.

“The chances of someone receiving the advertised headline speed are fairly remote. We would like to see clearer information provided to consumers which more accurately reflects the likely speeds they will actually receive.”

Ofcom is recommending that ISP use Typical Speed Rates to avoid confusion. However, BT Retail’s managing director, John Petter had some issues with this system: “We have real concerns with their approach. Broadband speeds vary from line to line and so it is meaningless to use one speed for advertising. That is why we use the term ‘up to’.”

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